LFP Paid Pokémon Tabletop United Campaign

In the very distant tropical region of Sol Sonrisa lies new faces but familiar Pokémon. A complete PokéDex filled with Pokémon awaits in this paradise based off the beautiful region of Florida and its surrounding isles and islands. Brand new cities and towns to experience while tugging at your nostalgia heart strings as all maps are created by hand (or mouse) with the art direction reflecting the 2000s GBA era. What kind of trainer will you be? With an array of mix and match options to choose from you can truly be limitless and be the Pokémon trainer you dreamed of being. With more class features and edges to choose from, nothing is beyond reach. You can even be a Chef! (Dont forget the jelly donuts!) From the bright lights and party life of the city of Amia Beach to the peaceful and quiet living of Farmstead Town… From a city centered around a huge amusement park to mysterious towns encapsuled in gigantic ice domes, many mysterious, battles, and of course Pokémon await in this splendid journey across the Sol Sonrisa region.

There are table spot available at different days of the week. Please take a look and sign up today!