[LFP] [Paid] [PF2e] [Foundry] [Thursday] [6pm-9pm][EST] Menace Under Otari

The small seaside town of Otari is known for its fresh fish and skilled sailors, but above all, it’s a big logging town, providing valuable wood to the nearby metropolis of Absalom. But for you, Otari is home. You grew up playing on the docks, getting lost in the nearby woods, and hearing the fantastical stories of travelers from faraway lands, tales of terrifying dragons and virtuous knights. Such adventure always seemed so distant- until today.

Word has begun to spread around Otari that there’s a problem down at the Otari Fishery. Some are saying that some sort of beast is lurking in the basement, feeding on the stores of salted fish. Folks are worried that whatever is eating the fish might get hungry enough to eat the fishers next!

You’ve received a letter from Tamily Tanderveil, the owner of the Fishery. Inside is a desperate plea for help. With the town guard busy protecting the loggers, she needs a few brave souls to venture down into the basement of her warehouse and put an end to the beast that’s feasting on her fish! Do you have the courage to face the menace under Otari?

This is a Pathfinder 2e game. It will be held on Foundry VTT via The Forge. We will do voice on discord. The cost is 10$/session, no fee for character creation and session 0.

The game will be held on Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm (EST) every week. Depending on how you go thru the game, it can take anywhere from 4 to 6 sessions.

Looking for mature players that are looking for a fun time. This is the perfect game for people that are new to Pathfinder 2e. It will be my pleasure to show you the rope.

If you are interested, you can either follow this link to join or send me a private message to discuss

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