[LFP][Paid][Pathfinder 2e] Outlaws of Alkenstar - Levels 1 to 10

Levels 1 to 10

Amidst the spiraling brass towers and steam-choked alleys of Alkenstar, a tale of intrigue, revenge, and redemption takes flight. Here, you and your band of allies find yourselves cast as infamous fugitives. Whether framed for crimes you didn’t commit or branded for those you did, the stain of your deeds has marked you in the eyes of the city, drawing the unyielding gaze of the city marshals.

Dive into a high-fantasy saga infused with the smoky allure of steampunk. As the volatile mix of unstable magic and explosive gunpowder fills the air, you’ll clutch flintlock pistols, heavy cannons, and wield arcane powers in equal measure.

Yet, amid the thunder of gunfire and the shimmer of spells, the heart of the story remains: a band of morally ambiguous outlaws seeking to rewrite their stained reputations. Together, you and your comrades will navigate the treacherous landscapes seeking evidence, allies, and redemption.

Prepare to embark on an enthralling journey where every corner holds secrets, every shadow conceals threats, and every decision could bring you closer to vindication or doom. In the “Outlaws of Alkenstar”, reputations are forged in fire and magic, and only the boldest will emerge unscathed.

Slots Available: 3 / 6
System Used: Pathfinder 2e
Style: Voice chat Through discord, we will use FoundryVTT
Session Duration: 3 hours (± 10/15 mins)
Tuesday: 7 - 10 pm CST - Startplaying
Requirements: Discord account, a Microphone and an account on https://forge-vtt.com/ (the site where we host out FoundryVTT game).
Cost: $19.84 usd per session.

:octopus: What I offer
:squid: A friendly and inclusive Experience.
:squid: Full roleplay experience with voices, sound effects, music, voice mods and more!
:squid: A fulfilling adventure that will include the opportunity to be the Heroes, but also being challenged by the world around you!
:squid: A friendly GM that will always be eager to solve any issues and to include your cool ideas to the game! It is all about the journey, there are no winners or losers, just heroes! >:D
:squid: For me YOU are the ones telling the story, not the dice, dice are thrilling and add a lot of emotion to the game, but sometimes they just get in the way of fun and I am here to make it be worth it!