[LFP][Paid] Looking for a game for first time players? Perhaps experienced veterans looking for something different or challenging?

I am a Pro GM/DM and have multiple time slots I am looking to fill. If you head to the link provided, it will bring you to my profile where you can navigate the existing games as well as the new timeslots available. The Choose Your Own Adventure campaigns are where you and the party will vote on what to play on. I offer many general use homebrew campaigns and also do one-of-a-kind commission games where the world and adventure are tailored to your group.

The link is here.

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online via discord, dndbeyond, and foundry.
Experience: All levels of experience and new players are welcomed. I myself have a few years under my belt.
Location/Timezone: The timezone I use is CST/CDT.
Schedule: I have sessions on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. From 8 am-7 pm CST/CDT ( Don’t let that stop you from messaging me about other availability).
Roles sought: I am looking for players for all-time sessions!
Game style: I play with rule of cool and fun in mind. Although I am more than happy to accommodate more serious game styles as well.