(LfP) (PAID) Longtime Online Group needs 1 new player - Every Friday 22:00 (CST) - D&D Beyond/FoundryVTT/Discord

Game: D&D 5e
Group type: Online (D&D Beyond/FoundryVTT/Discord)
Experience: Everyone is welcome!
Location/Timezone: 22:00 (CST)
Schedule: Every Friday (When at least 4 players are available)
Roles sought: 1 Player
Game style: We enjoy RP, and also implement character backgrounds in the campaign.
Price: $15 per session per player (1st game with me will be $5 to see if it’s a good fit)

There are still 3 players left. 2 of them have been there since the beginning, the other joined about halfway. They’ve already been through quite a lot. We have also one player that joined about 3 weeks ago, and he’s a great fit! Now we need 1 more new adventurer to continue our adventures! So far they’ve finished Lost Mine of Phandelver/Dragon of Icespire Peak [combined the two into one] and Storm Lord’s Wrath/Sleeping Dragon’s Wake.

They are now in the middle of Divine Contention.

Character Creation
Level 11
ALL WoTC books/resources allowed
Homebrew allowed, but first discussed with DM
Start with 1 uncommon and 1 rare magic item
Stats either point buy or rolling (you’re allowed to reroll 1s)

Current Party

  • Nick, Human, Echo Knight Fighter
  • Lilianne, Half-Elf, Sorcerer/Artificer/Bard
  • Darius, Dwarf, Eldritch Knight Fighter
  • Ulfgar, Dwarf, Divine Domain Cleric

Hello all!

I would like to offer you my services as a DM.

The group:
This is an amazing group who are mostly focused on RP and story development. There are battles, but they aren’t of extreme importance. They are open to new and experienced players and are very easy going.

A little bit about me:
I’m Amy, Dutch, 29 years old. Got my home, husband, little girls, dog, and cat. And am crazy about DnD and Japan.
About my DMing, my players describe me as playing with my players and not against them. And I love that description! I want the adventure to be fun for me and for you. Also, I’m a firm believer in the rule of cool, and love having RP and story/character development in the campaign.

I’m not a huge fan of going all kill and power.

First game (for 1st time player with me) will be $5 , this is a good time to introduce yourself to the others. (Keep in mind that mostly the first 3 sessions feel a bit weird, with everyone getting used to the other players and DM)

My prices (approximate time of session 3-4 hours):
$15 per session per player

Tips are always welcome if you’ve had a great time!

I use PayPal to receive payments.

We will use discord to interact with each other and FoundryVTT to play.

Feel free to ask any question you may have!

Hello, my name’s Matt, and I’d be absolutely interested in joining in with your game. I just want to clarify that CST is Central Standard Time (U.S.) I know there are a few CST in the world, to assure that the time does work on my end.

It’s probably not fair to call myself new to DnD anymore, I’ve been playing for over a year in two full campaigns, both of which are reaching lvl 9/10 right now, and I’ve played in quite a few others so have SOME experience under my belt, but am still definitely a pup to some!

My goal is always to tell and interact in a great story. I LOVE heavy RP. While my voices/accents may not be all that great, I still like to dip my toes in them to try. Almost everything I’ve played in has been heavily homebrewed, with the exception of Curse of Strahd, so I’d be absolutely fresh in these modules you’re playing with (which to me would be great, adds an air of surprise!) If you’d be at all interested in having me apply, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much!

Yes! I mean Central Standard Time (US), which I believe is Central Daylight Time at the moment because of summer time?

You sound perfect for the group! I’ll message you a link to the discord server, that way I can add you to the group and you can also get to the foundry and DnD Beyond links :slight_smile: