[lfp][paid][lancer] operation solstice rain ++

GMS COMP/CON Unit Mk XI Rev 11.4.1c
5016.8.22 General Massive Systems // Please Operate Responsibly
Initializing semantic manifold . . . done
Initializing logic gradients . . . done
Initializing gms-cc-subsys v_int
Initializing gms-cc-subsys tests
Initializing gms-cc-subsys omninet_cls
Initializing gms-cc-subsys events
Hierarchical RCU implementation.
RCU subjective-clock acceleration is DISABLED.
Establishing encrypted link (99::SINGULARITY HELIX) . . . done
AM-LI in unprivileged domain disabled
No sensory bridge found // manual input mode enabled

//[COMP/CON: Welcome, Lancer.]

Welcome Pilots

In this game we will play through the official Lancer module: Solstice Rain. If the mission goes well it could serve as a jumping off point into a full campaign utilising the other official and 3rd party modules along side original plot lines written by myself.

I have spent hours crafting the VTT environment to provide a smooth and immersive experience for you, this includes a fully interactive landing page with integrated mission briefings, galaxy map, battlegroup gyre and even the comp/con website accessible meaning you are able to build and import your mechs without ever leaving the game tab!

I have nearly every official and 3rd party lancer module and sourcebook at my disposal to help make this campaign as detailed as possible

++The long Rim
++All Field guides, Suldan, HA, Karrakin, Aun etc
++No Room for a Wallflower
++Sirens song a mountains remorse
++Sleeping above a stolen crown
++in golden flame
++Even more than is listed here

“You are a lancer, an exceptional mech pilot among
already exceptional peers, and you live in a time where
the future hangs as a spinning coin at the apex of its
toss – the fall is coming, and how the coin lands is yet
to be determined.”