[LFP] [Paid] [Fridays 15:00 GMT] [CAMPAIGN - Frozen Sick] [$25 (50% OFF your first game $12.50] [Level 2] [Lots of Role Play, fun combats and intrigue!]

50% OFF your first game!

About the adventure

In the frozen north of the continent, in the Crystalsands Tundra, lies Palebank Village. Gripped in the midst of a terrifying and deadly illness, after one of the village’s most famous and seasoned explorers brought back something beautiful yet deadly from his most recent expedition from the mysterious lands of Eiselcross. The town is in trouble, and this is where the party comes in…

While this short campaign is set with fans of Critical Role in mind, it is totally open for any fan of Dungeons and Dragons and brand-new players in the hobby alike! Enjoy the twisting, turning narrative, vibrant and memorable NPCs, and the rich and colorful world created by one of the world’s greatest Dungeon Masters: Matthew Mercer!

Here’s what to expect:
:dragon: A fantasy game set in the acclaimed Critical Role universe! I am a fan of the show and will combine elements from the universe with my own homebrew twists! Discover a rich adventure in a vibrant world full of surprises!
:dragon: Characters start at level 1 and end at level 3. Have a few ideas for backup characters in mind. This will be a campaign full of trying and gritty encounters.
:dragon: There will be plenty of chances for role-play in the world of Exandria! The party will encounter all sorts of compelling NPCs, opportunities to make difficult world-changing decisions, many moments of brevity and humor, crunchy and varied combats, and the odd puzzle sprinkled in.
:dragon: I am an amateur voice actor. I will strive to provide engaging NPCs with their own unique personalities, voices, and motivations.
:dragon: Through Foundry VTT, you will experience immersive playlists, sound effects, art, and effects. These, along with compelling narration, will transport you fully into Exandria! Join me and your fellow players on this epic Critical Role adventure. Sign up today!