[LFP][Paid][Fri 6:00 PM CST][TOR2e]The Bright Times (Wilderland after the Battle of Five Armies)

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Five Armies the Wilderland embarks on a journey of recovery and renewal. Though the defeat of the goblins and the dragon Smaug has brought respite, could the forces of darkness be entirely vanquished.

Amidst the celebrations of victory, whispers of a growing unease echo. Some say that deep within the dense foliage of the forest, a brooding malevolence still stirs…that the ancient evil that had plagued the Wilderland for centuries still lurks, biding its time…a constant reminder that true peace is fragile and the battle against darkness is far from over.

As communities rebuild and flourish, there are those who remain vigilant, ever watchful for signs of the impending darkness. Wise seers and seasoned warriors keep a wary eye on the heart of the forest. The memory of past conflicts serve as a somber reminder that the battle for the soul of the Wilderland is ongoing.

This is a ‘The One Ring 2nd Ed’ game set 3 years after the defeat of Smaug. It is open to experienced players as well as new players alike. No knowledge of the system is required and all materials will be provided.