[LFP] [Paid] [FoundryVtt] [Symbaroum 5e] Symbaroum 5e Campaign Mostly Homebrew Sunday 5 pm GMT 2

Like a steel-clad ship in a thundering storm, she cut through the waves of darkness and dread. I was there to bear witness; I am one of few who stood in awe as the first light of dawn got caught in her armor, transforming our young Queen into a mounted, sword-wielding sun – Korinthia Nightbane, our sovereign, slayer of the dark.

*The blood that was spilt, the lives that were lost, the tears that keep falling from red-rimmed eyes; the skies filled with ash, the soils turned to dust, the rivers transformed into muddy trenches. Such is the price we had to pay, for the Dark Lords’ betrayal, but also for the hardships that finally led us here, to the Promised Land.

Strengthened and enlightened, we begin again, the children of Alberetor matured into the mothers of Ambria. The sorrow that blackens our hearts will be delivered in tears of hope and joy, not of grief and despair. We shall harvest the fruits of earth and forests, we shall harness the force of rivers and mountains, we will rise higher than ever before. To the pleasure of Prios we shall ascend to a place where there are no shadows, where darkness is no more. Because we are the people of Korinthia Nightbane and we will never be vanquished!

The intimate, richly nuanced Symbaroum setting revolves around the Ambrians – a civilization that two decades ago were forced to flee their ancestral soil after a devastating war. Their new and promised land borders on the vast forest of Davokar, covering the remnants of the Empire of Symbaroum which fell into ruin hundreds of years ago. Brimming with natural resources and mythical treasures, the forest calls out to the Ambrians to be explored and exploited, but the road into its depths lays far from open. Not only are the shadowy halls beneath the foliage fraught with danger, monsters and infectious corruption; there are also the elves of the Iron Pact who have vowed to die to keep anyone from disturbing the ruins of old, warning that the ancient evil of Symbaroum stirs in its sleep. The horrors of Davokar are about to awaken.

Ruins of Symbaroum dark and thrill setting. The fight is not fair, the life is not fair nothing is fair! There is shadow and corruption on the world and you are trying to find your way.

This is Symbaroum 5e campaign but we will not use 5e books we will use symbaroum books!

So what does it means :

We have new classes
New races
New rules for this setting
New spells
New feats
and new monsters that you never see before!

This is all new adventure with the rules you know new look at the 5e !

I will bring all the books and we will create characters together.
I will teach you new rules and how does it work
Before game I will give you lore about what kind of place you are in
And I will bring story telling and the hard fight RP in the game!

We will use discord for voice and foundryVtt for visuals
I will bring visual maps (I am gonna create most of the maps by myself so all the things you will see will be new things)
Music for the game
And roleplay it is important for me. I am balancing my games with role play and hard tactical fight you need to know when you need to run from combat or death will be there!

What I want

I want players who is not rude and not try to steal the spotlight all the time. I want to make sure that everybody getting attention similar and balance it. Of course I know in some parts some players will be shine and we will focus more but I dont let it happen too much on the same player I want everyone to enjoy their time.
A good microphone, discord
This game is paid game I will wait payment 2 hours before the game. The reason for this is I have many games on roll20 i cant count after the game payment it is hard work for me. If the game canceled or you don`t want to play with me for reasons I will refund your money back.

If you have anymore questions or if you want to join up you can add me on discord : Bellow#2581