LFP Paid [Critical Roll: Call of the Netherdeep][LFP][Paid][$25 session][2 Spots left][Mondays 19:00 GMT]

:dragon:BRAND NEW CAMPAIGN!!! Critical Roll: Call of the Netherdeep:dragon:

Dive into the beloved Critical Role universe for an adventure set in the aftermath of ‘The Calamity,’ where mortal champions were chosen by gods for a war. Follow a group of adventurers from Jigow to uncover secrets and embark on a legendary quest echoing the footsteps of the vanished champion Alyxian. Spanning iconic Critical Role locations and venturing into the enigmatic Netherdeep abyss, this campaign welcomes both Critical Role enthusiasts and D&D newcomers, promising an enthralling narrative and the immersive world of Matthew Mercer.

Slots Available: 2/5 slots left

System Used: DND5e

Character Level: 3

Experience needed: Open to all levels. If this is your first time playing DND, I will gladly help you.

Price $25 per person

Mature content Players must be 18 and over

DM Style: My DMing style is is big on immersive roleplay, drawing players into rich and vibrant worlds where they can embody their characters to the fullest. I pride myself on crafting detailed descriptions, and engaging all of my players’ senses, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the game. I am an aspiring voice actor, and love to breathe life and soul into my NPCs. My combats are thrilling, varied and full of surprises, keeping my players on their toes with dynamic encounters. I also enjoy sprinkling in the occasional puzzle, challenging my players’ problem-solving skills and adding an extra layer of intrigue to your campaigns. I hope to create a living, breathing world full of twists, turns, intrigue and lots of ‘rule of cool’ to make things fun and interesting.

Session Duration: 3 hours

Schedule: Mondays 19:00 - 22:00 EST

Requirements: D&D Beyond, Discord (microphone essential, camera optional), Forge Account, the game is run using Foundry VTT

Link Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Critical Roll: Call of The Netherdeep (Mondays 19:00 EST) / New Campaign! | New Player Friendly | Chapter 1 | Fun Games at the Festival!