[LFP][Paid][9amPST Fridays][$15] Friday Phandelver. 2/5 slots left!

:crossed_swords: Game System:

:calendar: When do you play:
Fridays for 2.5 hours beginning 9am PST / 12pm EST

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Hello there! My name is Elliott and I am looking for my next adventuring party.

We will be going through Phandelver and Below (D&D 5e) using the Foundry / Forge VTT.

We’ll use D&D Beyond and Discord for voice and video (video optional).

Characters get one FREE Feat!

About me: I have been a player for about twenty years now, and a Dungeon Master for a little over eight years. I love the spontaneity of D&D and seeing players come up with solutions I’ve never imagined.

I’m a responsible grown up looking to channel my long-standing passion into extra fun and some extra cash. Everyone wins!

Speaking of, here are some recent testimonials from real-life players:

Playing D&D with Elliott as DM for has been an epic experience. Elliott is very patient with new players, and also extremely knowledgeable about gameplay and D&D lore, so he can go deep with experienced players too. – Bethany, Paladin/Sorcerer

Elliott may have a headache half the time, thanks to our “brilliant” decisions, but he still manages to design epic battles and a wild story! – Carolyn, Rogue

He actively engages all players around the table to make sure everyone has a chance to shine and have fun. Roleplaying is highly encouraged and rewarded, and encounters are balanced to make sure battles are neither too easy nor too difficult for the players. Ryan, Wizard

Who is this game for?

People who love to play D&D with other people. Do you look forward to making friends in a safe and structured adventure environment?

People who are reliable. Do you show up when you say you will?

People who enjoy PG-13 movies. Are you tired of gratuitous sex and swearing?

My goal is that everyone involved looks forward to our games each week, anticipating the great times they will have.