[LFP] [Paid] [5e] [Saturdays 3pm EST] [15$/Session] Campaign set in Imadell

Current party: 3/5

Imadell is a world I’ve been working on for the better part of the past 5-7 Years with past campaigns leaving a mark whether its Npc’s, small or even large events that have shaped the land itself. The current campaign starts with the players having had an unpleasant encounter with a mysterious group that has imprisoned them, their motives unknown at the moment. With escape as the priority the Players will need to work together to escape alive!

The Official start date is the 28th of October, I would like to take the time till then to incorporate the player’s origins and stories into the World itself.

Contact me here or on discord if you’re interested and or have any questions, my discord username is dpengu_

Campaign starting Date changed to 14th October
Only the following week will be an off beat session with it being on the 18th then it continues every Saturday skipping the 21st

4/5 Players, One spot remaining.

Some additional information.
The campaign is set to run from lv4 till lv20
The Stat Array is: 15, 14, 14, 13, 12, 12
The last member to join gets to reroll one of the 12’s
The campaign is both new player friendly but also rewarding to veterans, some of my current players are new while some of them are well versed in 5e.