[LFP] [PAID] [5E] [7:00pm EST] Adventures in Eberron!

Hello all! I’m the DM, Entayan, and I’ve been DMing for 5 years. I run roleplay-heavy games where character decision really matters. I’m currently looking a few more players to fill out my Tuesday evening game.

More information is available here: Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Adventures in Eberron

:crossed_swords: System: D&D 5E

:calendar: When: Tuesday Evenings 7:00pm EST (aiming for at least every other Tuesday)

:triangular_flag_on_post: Where: Adventures in Eberron | Startplaying

:coin: Cost: 15$

:scroll: Premise:
The war recently ended and there’s unrest among the five nations. Adventurers have already uncovered a plot by the Emerald Claw in Northeast Breland but it seems like the troubles may not be over. There may be more clues in Sharn, but it’s a long journey . . .

:memo: Additional Details:
We’ll be running video and coordinating sessions through Discord, and using character sheets on DnDBeyond which will be imported to FoundryVTT.