LFP Paid 4PM PT 7PM ET | The Order: Monsters Among Us | Monster Hunting Guild Campaign

Hey everyone! Seeking 1 to 3 more players for a character driven campaign. I have 2 friends playing already but would love more to join. Check the info below.

The Order: Monsters Among Us
Adventure Link: https://startplaying.games/adventure/clw7f7tf0002hlmibhcytzllk
Session Time: Tuesdays 4 pm PT, 6 pm CT, 7 pm ET,
System: D&D 5E
Platforms Used: Foundry VTT
Cost $30
Pitch: Home-brew Campaign set in the world of Elloria on the human-centric continent of Arisia. The Order: Monsters Among Us is set up around the guild of monster hunters who have found that there has been a influx of monsters on the continent and must use their investigation skills to track down monsters and bring them down.

  • Challenging custom and classic monsters
  • Linear story through given goals that leads to character focus storytelling with proactive story elements
  • This adventure walks the line between optimistic heroism and the characters’ morally ambiguous dilemmas
  • Access to Wiki for notes and tracking character goals

Game Primer Link: https://www.localdungeonmaster.com/the-order-monsters-among-us-primer/