[LFP][Paid $20.00]Season of Ghostsđź‘» Pathfinder 2e LVL 1-12 [Beginner Friendly] [Asian-Inspired Supernatural/Light-Horror] Protect your Town of Willowshore Against an Ancient and Terrible Curse!

In the land of Tian Xia, more specifically the small region of Shenmen that was only recently under the thumb of the empire of Lung Wa. Nestled in there is a small town called Willowshore, insiginificant in the grand scheme of things but most important to You, for whether by choice or fate you have lived part or most of your life in this place and have much connections to its people and culture.

While the future seems uncertain for your people with all the political upheaval caused by the fall of the empire, everyone in town stays hopeful for Summer is just around the corner and preparations for the Reenactment ritual, a gala meant not only to celebrate the end of spring, but to trick the evil spirits and ghosts believed to come out of the woods during the first few weeks of summer. You are chosen to play the roles of abducted individual taken by your neighbors who are disguised as ghosts in a big charade to trick real Spirits to leave your town in peace for its already haunted.

However as you spend that night in the woods, something terrible awakens near Willowshore and with it comes great dangers to You and everyone you hold dear, as the first day of summer comes it will bring with it much trials and tribulations for the town of Willowshore from monstrous assailants to mysterious curses and supernatural events. Will You have what it takes to give your people hope and help them persevere against these odds or will You fall against the insurmountable Season of Ghosts and doom Willowshore to a fate worse than death!

Season of Ghosts is one of the latest adventure paths that takes place fully in one town and its surrounding regions for the span of level 1-12. In this adventure you will connect and learn more about the people of the town of Willowshore and grow as their protectors, there will be a high amount of roleplay with the friendly and unfriendly denizens of the region as well as high stakes combat that oozes with supernatural asian themes. Your actions will have control on how the entire village of willowshore will face the horrifying challenges that will come and how it will grow in the process.

If you wish to know more about the game please head to my campaign page on Startplaying following the link here: https://startplaying.games/adventure/cltfy1xlm00d109jyfboa8ra1

Game is still open and we are looking for a few more adventurers to join us

Got three players already and are looking for 1-2 more to join the adventure

Game is currently on going, we still have a few spots open if you are interested!