[LFP] [Paid] [$15] [Beginner Friendly] [LGBTQ+ Friendly] [5e] Tide of Blood Consumes Tal'dorei

Tide Of Blood
Tal’dorei, A Homebrewed Version of Matthew Mercer’s World

Host’s Name: [ Me! Vys/Vyssiní/Vyserais ]
Host’s Pronouns: [ She/her ]
Paid Game: [ Yes, 15$ a session, via Paypal ]
TTRPG platform: [ FoundryVTT / D&D 5e ]
Age Rating: [ 18+ ]
Mature Content: [ Gore, Light Sexual Themes, and Light Horror ]

Beginner friendly: [ Yes. I am more than willing to teach newcomers! ]
Requirements: [ A microphone! I will run my players through how to use Foundry! ]

Time and Date: [ - ]

  • [ ANY DAY / ANY TIME / DM ME ]

[ Weekly sessions! ]

Homebrewed Character Creation Allowed: [ Yes! I can even help you homebrew specific concepts, as I have done so for other customers in the past. ]
Homebrewed World/Monsters:** [ Matthew Mercer’s Setting. With additional modifications to involve unique storylines never seen elsewhere. ]

Character Level: [ A level 3 start. ]
Number of sessions: [ Long-term! With tons of interconnected story and worldbuilding to occur! Huzzah!]
Run Time: [ 4.5-5 hours on average, for each session. With it being closer to 4 than 5. ]
Number of Openings: [ 5+ Openings. ]

Consent Form: [ https://forms.gle/KJJDPtwNZKEEFcWp9 ] [ Please still message me any of your specific limits during our discussion phase prior to the campaign. & put your name in the consent form at the end, so I know who is who. Thank you. ]

Short Summary: [ Tal’dorei is a location inherently built through the gods, with the Calamity being such a fundamental event. I intend on allowing this to be a fundamental part of the campaign, with gods and deities having their presence known, interacting through clerics and cults throughout the lands. I intend to design my own Relics of Divergence, and ensure that the players feel as present and known. I will work with each of you to ensure you are from this land, or at least have strong ties. I wish for none of my players to feel unimportant, but feel fundamental to the story, and the direction is going in. ]

Who I am: [ I am a British woman, 21, I have been running DnD games for a good few years now and am an advocate for good, well written story, I care, primarily, about my players having fun and enjoying the scenes I throw at them. I also advocate for good roleplay, and am very focused on not railroading my party where they will be going. I intend on using the books that this setting aligns with as a guideline, rather than a book of which I pull story. There will be twists not present in the books, and characters of which you’ve never met. I wish for you to be able to have witnessed other stories in Tal’dorei and not feel as if you are playing the same campaign again, there will be similarities, but they would sooner be interesting callbacks, than outright copied moments. ]

As a finalising statement, I have been running DnD for years and am very confident, as my friends who I have been running games for would say if asked, I am an improv DM who flexes her writing muscles best when players have strong backstories for me to work with, I let my players shape the world, rather than the other way around! ]
Message [ @vyserai ] if interested! [ On Discord ]

(This message was one designed for sharing through discord, if it looks a little off, that would be why!