LFP (Paid 15$) Acks, OSR sandbox game, from adventurers to kings

Hello there, my name is Lucas, and I am about to start DMing a new campaign of ACKS (Adventurer Conqueror King System). An OSR game centered in sandbox exploration, and creating and managing domains on the late game.
Our group has two players, they are in dire need of help if they want to survive their forays beyond the civilization of the northern provinces and into the ruins of the Sorceror kings.

We had planed playing on thursdays, but we could play on mondays if needed. The time we planed was 16:00hs (GTM-3), but we can talk about other schedules.

For more information on the game and myself, check: Play OSR Games Online | OSR: ACKS: From Aventurers to Kings (The Return of the Ancients)

Or contact me at discord Lucasdelsur#0019.