[LFP][Paid]$13][Beginner and LGBTQ+ friendly] [PF2] Pathfinder: Curse of the Eye of Dread

Pathfinder: Curse of the Eye of Dread
An old cog ship sails across the Lake of Encarthan, heading to the Ustalav city of Caliphas, it’s hold full of silk, pearls, and other fine goods to sell at various ports . Why is anyone’s guess, because with the fall of Lastwall, now aptly named the Gravelands, and the return and defeat (though not death) of the Whispering Tyrant…this is not an easy journey to make. The Eye of Dread is not a place sane men and women do not wish to tread. Hordes of the dead from the Gravelands and the Isle of terror, some random and others lead by Tar-Baphon’s generals and warlords storm the region, from the hobgoblins of Oprak, the upstarts of Nirmathas, and of course the nation of Ustalav; pirates, bandits and even the nations themselves wish to take advantage of this chaos to make a quick buck or makea land grab.

Fortune, fame, and power are more easily attained now then ever, but only a fool would risk it. Or are you one of the madmen fighting for Gods or justice? The Undead or those who play the game of thrones will feast on your bones regardless, unless…unless….

:seat: Seats Available: 3/6
:newspaper: System Used: Pathfinder 2e
:crossed_swords: Style: Action-Hammer style Horror! ASOIAF style RP and politics
:hourglass: Session Duration: 2-4 hours
:date: Schedule: Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST or 7 PM GMT
:dollar: Price: 12$ a session
:white_check_mark: Requirements: A PC or Tablet that can run Foundry. A working, decent mic.
:e-mail: Contact Info:*** DM me***, post here, or click Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Pathfinder: Curse of the Eye of Dread