[LFP] [Paid] [$12] [Beginner & LGBTQ+ Friendly] [T2K4e] [Twilight 2000] Against the Dying of the Light

Game: Twilight:2000 4th Edition
Campaign: Against the Dying of the Light
Price: $12 a session (per player) via StartPlaying.games
Platform: Foundry VTT and Discord
Time: Friday nights – 8:00 pm CET
Schedule: Every other Friday
Duration: 3 hours
Looking for: 2 players of any experience level to complete the table
My Experience: 30 years as both GM & Player

Two of my players had to leave the game because their work schedules changed so I have two openings. We’re seven sessions into the campaign. We use the 4th edition of Twilight: 2000 from Free League. This is a post-apocalyptic tabletop role-playing game set in an alternate history where the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union turned hot. The war has ground to a halt. Governments and industries have collapsed. Civil rule has ceased to exist. You are survivors of the war—NATO soldiers and civilians alike—but what kind of survivors will you be? This is a campaign of hardship, hard choices, death, and hope.

Campaign: Against the Dying of the Light

Our campaign is set in Poland in the year 2000. The first and likely last major offensive by NATO forces in Europe in over a year, dubbed Operation Reset, has failed. The order was to link up with other U.S. forces and push your way to Warsaw, or what’s left of it. You weren’t told why. Some said it was a last hurrah, a final try to save the world as you knew it. But you knew it was a Hail Mary, a desperate gamble in the most desperate of times. It was no surprise that it went to hell. Most things have in the last few years.

Our survivors found themselves in the woods outside of Kalisz, part of a small band of people who fled the fighting. Nearby, a dead U.S. soldier’s radio crackled to life. Someone on the other end screamed that HQ was being overrun. The last order from the top to make a break for it. Like you hadn’t already done that. Then that final message cut through the static: “Good luck. You’re on your own.”

The survivors have overcome sickness, cannibals, religious fanatics, marauders and Soviet remnants. They found a CIA Numbers Station and uncovered documents about a traitor named Sgt Cutler who was directly responsible for the failure of Operation Reset. Then they met a tyrannical American colonel who claimed that there was more to Operation Reset than the military operation, that it had the ability to restore the world, to bring his family back from the dead. An old man—a civilian—whispered these stories into the colonel’s ear. The civilian claimed to be a former Remote Viewer (the purported ability to psychically see events, sites, or information from a great distance) in a clandestine KGB program, a mirror to the CIA’s own program researching psychic abilities. This all sounded like so much science fiction, a tall tale meant to instill hope. Nothing more. The colonel must’ve lost his mind when he lost his family to the fires of a nuclear strike. Right? But then that old man used the photo of Cutler to remote view a prison, far to the south, where the American traitor was hiding out with a zip disc allegedly containing top secret information about Operation Reset. When our survivors got there they found that the old man was right. Our group is now in possession of the zip disc and trying to make their way to Krakow.

GM Details:

I’m a novelist and writer for tabletop role-playing games. I’ve been playing and running various TTRPGs since discovering the Dungeons & Dragons basic set in grade school. Most recently, I’ve run The One Ring and Star Trek Adventures.

In my approach to tabletop role-playing games, I embrace the belief that each game serves as a platform for collaborative storytelling within the framework of its rules. My primary aim is to empower players to immerse themselves in a narrative style of play, fostering shared storytelling between them and the GM.

These games, in their essence, echo the timeless tradition of oral storytelling, a practice ingrained in our history long before the advent of written language. Stories are integral to our understanding of self and the world, often giving rise to myths and shaping our perceptions.

While I emphasize ‘theater of the mind’ as our main canvas, I do incorporate visual aids like maps and tokens when they enhance the experience. My passion lies in facilitating collaborative storytelling within the virtual confines of our tabletop sessions.

What you need:

  • A free account at Forge-VTT.com
  • A Discord account
  • A good microphone

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