[LFP][Paid 10€][Saturdays 6:30 UTC+1] Grim Hollow: War In the North

My name is Sieno/Shektor and I’m offering you an adventure of a lifetime in this Dark Fantasy campaign that will pit you against the horrors of the frozen North. Discover a world filled with monster inspired by Gothic Horror, like mad mages that create aberrations or twisted versions of monsters like Vampire or Werewolves. You will meet NPC’s that are neither good or bad, with their own agendas dreams and opportunities. Not only that, but the land is even more hostile than its creatures, foul decease goes rampant all across the southern part of the land, while the North is plagued with coldfire that keeps growing and growing. And you my friend are in the middle of all that, you will need to do all you can to survive midst all that madness and even if you do survives Etharis and its creature and hostile land, in the end the Beast will come for you, so you better be ready.


All takes place in the harsh and frozen North of Valika. After the defeat of the Crimson Court in Soma ( Ostoya ), Runa Banasar the immortal warrior has resurfaced and she lays claim to be the rightful Queen of all Valika. Many in Thrull believe her to be the descendant of Thorgard, the one who united the clans in the past, her effort is backed by 3 clans and the Prismatic Circle, people that believe in slavery, human sacrifice and in the Old Ways. In the west Kandar refuses the rule of the Elemental Druids and stand with their Queen Andrea Helsing, they want to have better relationships with the other nations and learn from them, they want to evolve and move forward.

Game debut is in late February, early March. More can be told via a small voice chat :slight_smile:

More infos

  • System: 5e
  • Date: Saturdays 6:30 PM UTC+1
  • Session 0: Free
  • Session Durations: 3 Hours
  • Open Seats: 1 Seat Left
  • Platforms: Discord and FoundryVTT (Program Free For Players)
  • Level: 3 to 14
  • Paid: 10 Euros per session via Paypal