[LFP][OSRIC][B/X][OSE] Stonehell Megadungeon Dropin

It’s that time again as we venture into the depths of Stonehell Megadungeon
searching for riches and we are looking for more adventurers.
Drop Ins always Welcome.
This is an OSR game and requires NO prep.
Show up 15 minutes before game time and we will roll up your character.

We try to run an RP heavy game with the tone of Tomb Raider meets Monty Python.
We are a relaxed LGBTQIA2S+ friendly group of players who’s only goal is to chill and have fun.
We are serious., but we laugh a lot.

When: Wednesday nights, running weekly-ish from 7-10 pm pacific [UTC-8]
Module: Stonehell Dungeon
Next Session Dec 16th, 2020
Players: Currentlly have 4. Need more.

Game Stats
Dungeon Level: 1
Session Count: 3
Deaths: 1
In Game Time: 12 Hours and 18 MInutes
Current Delv: 440 (+320)
Avg Gold/Session: 141 (+78)
Total Gold: 440

System: Old School Essentials Advanced Edition [the basic edition is Free https://necroticgnome.com/collections/free-downloads/products/old-school-essentials-basic-rules] I can walk you through the advanced portion.

Platform: Foundry vtt (You will need a free https://forge-vtt.com/ acount) / Discord
All you need to know about OSR - https://lithyscaphe.blogspot.com/p/principia-apocrypha.html