[LFP] [OSR D&D] Looking for the right player to fit into our weekly campaign

Hail, hardy adventurer! Welcome to a role-playing game experience driven by dynamic characters creating epic stories!

And so on and so forth…yeah, yeah, baby yeah.

So here is the real deal. Our weekly group has been gaming together for about a year. We all started as strangers and met through my Meetup group. But now we have become online friends. Recently we lost a player and would like to fill the spot. But, I daresay, this not just about filling a spot. This ad is about finding the right person for our group. If interested, read this first. Looking for Player Ad.docx If still interested, feel free to ask me with any questions, etc. here.

Price: $10 per session per player
Slots Available: 1
System Used: A homespun Swords & Wizardry OSR
Style: Voice & Video Required
Session Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours
Schedule: Weekly. Mondays 6pm-10pm PST, UTC-7
Requirements: The Forge VTT free player account, Zoom free account, decent mic and webcam, A PC/laptop with decent video RAM for animated maps. Good internet connection.

This post is no longer valid. We found a great player!