[LFP] [Online] [DND5e] [7.50€ session] [Sunday 19:00 UTC+2] Sunken Isles Adventure lvl 1-20

I am starting The Sunken Isles campaign created by Ghostfire Gaming and I am looking for some new players 3-4!

About the Adventure:

The Isles of Manaki are a tropical paradise, kept pure and hidden from the world until a greedy king sailed in to conquer them.

His empire rose and fell with the sands of time, leaving the settlers at the mercy of the people native to Manaki.

The kindness of the native islanders led their cultures to merge, combining nomadic practices with more permanent settlements.

As their shared population grew, the need for external goods finally led the Isles to open themselves to the world. But with merchant ships come pirates, and with expansion comes destruction.

Now something or someone seems to be working towards making a drastic change on the Isles of Manaki.

The sunken isles is an adventure full of magic, and very active and present native spirits.

The adventure takes place over the course of twenty in-game weeks, with the characters gaining a level after each week’s adventure.

There are at least two adventures to pick from each week, with some options being based on previous choices.

Who is the DM?

Greetings! My name is Philipp. Im a 34 year old dad who from germany and i like D&D alot! (Shocking)
I have been playing D&D for about five years and DM’ing for about 2.5 years with various one shots and a couple full campaigns.
After recently having run Dungeons and Drakkenheim, i decided to start a new group with The Sunken Isles now.

As for DM style, I allow for players to be creative and having fun with some shenanigans as long as the story and the game moves along. I like good RP’ing from my players, but I am considerate if a person is bit on the shy side.
On the flip side, I make encounters challenging and engaging to keep you on your toes.
Regardless, I am willing to work with new players and old to get them adjusted to the game of D&D and the adventure itself.

The Session Details

I am running this tropical island/ship faring themed campaign with up to four players!
This will be my third time running a non WotC campaign, so I am ready to see how new people handle the Sunken Isles and an adventure outside of Wizards of the Coast!
This adventure will take players from 1st level all the way to the tippy top 20th.
(The Adventure is played out in inGame Weeks, and each week will get you another lvlup)
Each session will be at standard 3.5 hours, but I allow an occasional buffer of up to 30 minutes depending on what is happening in game and finding a good place to stop. We will be using Discord for voice and !! Foundry/ForgeVTT as a tabletop !! ( i highly prefer foundry over roll20, but its just easier finding people here)
So being able to talk is a must. I ask for open communications from the initial hello throughout the campaign.

What Kind of PC can I use?

There are 3 new Races and 2 new subraces that i will put in a thread for you to look at.
We are starting a brand new adventure at 1st Level and all new PCs will roll for stats. In addition, I allow a free feat or ASI, depending on the options you select for yourself. Any official content is allowed. Unearthed Arcana (UA) and certain Homebrew is allowed with my approval. I am in favor of “reskinning” a race, class, subclass, spells and items as long as stats are the same. I have the vast majority of the source material on Foundry I am sharing with you, because I love you. That way, you could have more ease creating your PC(s) in game.

Paid Game Details.

Straight forward, this is a paid game. The first session (session 0 or the first game you join me) is free to try out.
If you like what I have to offer, following sessions will cost $7.50 a week, which is paid before the session.
I am accepting payments through PayPal.
Any other questions about payment can be answered directly by me.

Ya wanna Join?

If you want to join, please leave a post or a message about who you are and your favourite DnD moment.
Looking forward to meet and play with you.

Philipp Pepperhat

New Races and Subraces available in this game:

The decapodians are a race of sentient creatures on the Isles, evolved from lobsters ('ula’ula) and mantis shrimp (mant-i). They formed communities, learned to coexist despite initial indifference, and share more similarities with each other than with other species. There are no outward gender differences, but some females have started adorning themselves with jewelry. Decapodians molt each summer, becoming vulnerable with reduced speed and defense, and stay in Chitoni as their new shells harden.

The Kia´i:

The kia’i are an amphibious, humanlike race believed to be the original inhabitants and protectors of the Isles’ seas. They have sensitive eyes and prefer underwater environments, where they display remarkable swimming abilities. Characterized by their finned bodies, webbed digits, and seaweed-like hair, the kia’i value harmony with nature over material wealth and are increasingly concerned about the pollution caused by shipwrecks and waste from land dwellers.

The Mirescales:
The mirescales are a race deeply connected to the Isles’ magic, with a distinct appearance resembling dinosaurs more than humans. They have armored snouts, clawed legs, and feathered accents, and they mature by age 8, living on average 40 years. Their society values skill and strength, with no gender distinctions in leadership roles. Romance is a significant and elaborate part of their culture, culminating in lifelong partnerships. They are known for their unique alcoholic beverages, especially moondew, which symbolizes a lasting connection when shared. The mirescales embody the transformative enchantment of the Isles, with a culture rich in tradition and community bonds.

Human Subrace: Native Manaki

The Manaki people are a human race deeply rooted in the Manaki Isles. Their history is shrouded in mystery, with no records tracing back to the Isles’ inception. They stand out with their nomadic legacy, cherishing stories and companionship. On average, Manaki natives are 6 feet tall, have medium to dark tan skin, and gray or pale white hair. After merging cultures with the Ikolf settlers, they’ve embraced a more settled way of life. Significantly, the Manaki have a profound connection to the spirits of the Isles, which is central to their identity and traditions.

Dwarven Subrace: Ikolf

The Ikolf are a race of dwarves on the Isles, hailing from their ancestral land of Ikolf. They are descendants of those who followed Skomm Fylkir but now seek peace and atonement for their former ruler’s misdeeds. They have fostered strong relationships with the Manaki people, preferring to live in settlements, some of which date back to Skomm’s era. While some Ikolf have adopted the Manaki’s nomadic lifestyle, they are generally considered unconventional by their more traditional kin. The Ikolf are characterized by their pale skin, blue or gray eyes, and white-blond to medium brown hair. They stand 4 to 5 feet tall and weigh about 150 pounds. Renowned for their creativity and artistry, they also possess basic magical abilities. Notably, the Ikolf are master masons, a skill that reflects their deep connection to their craft and heritage.