[LFP] on our next [DND5e] Adventure module. [Late night weekends] Discord/Foundry

:crossed_swords: D&D5E:
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Adventure module

The evil club of the Dragon has been active in Faerun for centuries. It has focused on making undead dragons to fulfill a prophecy most of that time, but that’s changing.
The new leader of the evil club is a Calishite named Severin Silrajin, who believes that real draconic knowledge and power belongs to living dragons, not undead ones. Severin’s ambition amused Tiamat, so she revealed the existence of five dragon masks to him—one for each chromatic dragon color. Individually, these ancient masks allow wearers to communicate with dragons. More importantly, a person who is erudite in draconic lore becomes a wyrmspeaker while wearing the mask, which allows the wearer to think like a dragon, gain favor among dragons, and subtly influence their behavior. When all five are brought together, they magically merge into a single Mask of the Dragon Queen. With the assembled mask, the evil clan can release Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells. After Severin (subtly guided by Tiamat) discovered that secret, he bent all the evil clan’s resources to finding the long-lost dragon masks in their secret hiding places. When he recovered the red mask, Severin became the first of the wyrmspeakers, but others soon followed.

:calendar: When we play:
We play once a week on Fridays/Saturdays. First game on 2023-10-14T02:00:00Z*

:scroll: Description of the game/setting/premise:
We just finished the Lost Mine of Phandelver and are looking for more players to join our next adventure

  • Setting: fantasy
  • Homebrew welcome when it comes to characters
  • Make your own person by rolling for stats
  • Focus is combat story and puzzles (15% puzzles, 35% story rest 50% combat)
  • Playstyle is half hack and slash and immersvie story telling

:memo: Aditional Details:

  • We will be playing on foundry using discord for communication
  • There are two house rules first is don’t perish and the second is get really into playing your character
  • We will be starting at level 1
  • Difficulty hard
  • As many as 10 people can join in on this campaign
  • If people want to join in later then I can bring them up to speed and tell them what their level is that it will need to be if they come in after the campaign is started
  • If a new person to dnd wants to join, all are welcome

Hello hello! Where can I look for more details?