[LFP] Mystara Revisted/OSE(Ad) Existing Campaign looking for another 2 players!

:crossed_swords: OSE/Advanced Running in The World of Mystara

:spiral_calendar: Oceania/ Friday Nights 22:00 (10PM) [AEST(GMT) +10:00] Slots: 1-2 (Currently 4 players) Requirements: Microphone and a computer able to run Foundry VTT Platform: Discord for voice and chat. Foundry VTT hosted on The Forge.

:scroll: Revisiting the Mystara of old, long term campaign. Party Makeup: Whatever you want to play from the rules.

:memo: How to Join: Free To Play; must be 18+; Private message me, and we can chat.

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hi i was wondering if you still had a spot open

Yeah sure did you want to sit in on the game tonight and play a vacant PC?

The game is on tonight

yes if i can that would be grate

I will send you a private message

Mystara Revisited! catch you here man

Are you Still accepting people in your table? I am Very interested