[LFP][ Mass Effect 5e][Paid][Homebrew adventure][Beginner Friendly][FVTT][10AM GMT Saturday]

:alien: :alien: Mass Effect 5e - Heists on Omega and the Fate of a Dreadnaught Gone Dark - a short campaign:alien: :alien:

A huge Volus Dreadnaught class freighter named ‘The Pitolius’ is heading towards the Volus homeworld of Irune. The ship is carrying relief supplies after a huge earthquake hit and devastated Irune.

On it’s way from Omega back to Irune and in the outer edges of the Terminus systems, something terrible happened to the ship. The ship’s owner, Tistonal Deonal sent a panicked and garbled distress single to his assistant, Vupe, back on Omega. The message said something about being under attack, before a blood curdling scream abruptly ended the message. This is where your band of mercs come in!

Meet Vupe deep in the Omega wards, plan and execute a daring heist to get a stealth ship from under the noses of Eclipse Mercs on their own turf! Then head to the Pitolius to learn the fate of its crew, and unravel a mystery that delves very much into space-horror!

Slots Available: 0/5 players
System Used: Mass Effect 5e
Character Level: 3
Experience needed Open to all levels. If this is your first time playing ME5e, I will gladly help you.
Price $20 per person (two early bird spots going for $10)
Mature content 18 & over

DM Style: I create immersive roleplaying experiences with rich worlds, detailed descriptions, and engaging senses. As an aspiring voice actor, I bring life to NPCs. My combats are thrilling and surprising, and I enjoy adding puzzles for problem-solving and intrigue. I strive to make campaigns fun and interesting with twists, turns, and a “rule of cool” approach.

Session Duration: 3 hours
Schedule: Saturdays: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. GMT
Requirements: free n7 world account https://www.n7.world, Discord (microphone essential, camera optional), Forge Account, game is run on Foundry VTT