[LFP] [L5R] [Mondays, 1pm PST] [StartPlaying] Blood in the Waves: Ronin Legend of the Five Rings Campaign (New player and LGBTQ+ friendly 🏳️‍🌈)

Blood in the Waves

Game System: Legend of the Five Rings FFG

Game Time: Weekly on Mondays at 1PM PST.

Ronin, a Samurai without a lord lives a dangerous life, cast out of their clan and home.
Samurai are trained bushi, courtiers, and even shugenja…Trained in the ways of court and courage, once cast out must find a way to use those skills to make a living for themselves.
Serving whatever master will throw you work, and often turning to a life of crime just to avoid starving, the life of a ronin is far from glamourous and is often brutal and short.
But few who manage to carve out a life among other Ronin have risen in reputation and skill to rival even that of the Great Clans.

You will be playing a group of Ronin seeking to confront their past and blaze a path into a glorious future. You will be traveling working for coin, glory, and where it can be found…Honor.
Will you earn fame, wealth, honor, and glory? Or will face the brutal and bloody end many Ronin face? Only time will tell.

:purse: $25 per session via StartPlaying

How to prepare

:microphone: Microphone (required)
:purple_heart: Discord (required)
:camera: webcam (suggested)
If you want to do a little digging I would suggest looking up the “Great Clans” of L5R and think about which Clan you would like to be from originally.

Safety Tools:
:zero: Session Zero: Every player will get a one on one session to make characters, talk about themes you want to play about and express concerns about any of the content warnings.

:x:Lines and Veils: During session zero I will take a list of anything you want to list as a line or veil and will reference this list while planning to make sure and respect these concerns. You are also welcome to update your lines and veils at anytime without concern.

:door:Open Door: Take a break anytime, with absolutely no judgement and come back anytime.

:hugs:Aftercare: At the end of the session you will have a chance to voice any concerns, I will also send a message checking if you enjoyed the session to give you an open line to communicate any concerns.

:star:Stars and Wishes: At the end of every arc we will take a moment to come up with things we liked about the story so far and things we would like to change in the next one. This gives me a chance to tweak our story to give you more of what you enjoy.

Check out the link here: Blood in the Waves

More about me here: GMJabberwocky