[LFP] [Kingmaker] [Paid] [PF2E] Three New Campaigns Starting in March on StartPlaying

Hello adventurers,

I am DM Dominemesis on StartPlaying.com, and I am spinning up 3 new campaigns of the Kingmaker AP for Pathfinder 2E beginning early in March if there are enough players. These are brand new campaigns, still recruiting players, 6 seats open in each! Sign up if you would like to:

Embark on an epic journey to claim your destiny in the untamed wilderness of Pathfinder’s Kingmaker! Are you ready to forge alliances, conquer enemies, and build your own kingdom?

Join me for an unforgettable game night adventure every Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday on StartPlaying.com, where we’ll delve into the rich world of Golarion. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the realm of tabletop RPGs, there’s a place for you at our table.

As your experienced Dungeon Master, I’ll guide you through every step of your heroic quest. Together, we’ll explore vast forests, navigate treacherous swamps, and confront the myriad challenges that await us. With a perfect blend of role-playing, exploration, and tactical combat, every session promises excitement and intrigue.

Create your own unique character, from valiant knights to cunning rogues, and let your imagination run wild. Forge bonds with your fellow players as you face danger and adversity together, and watch as your decisions shape the fate of the Stolen Lands.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable adventure. Sign up now for Pathfinder’s Kingmaker on StartPlaying.com, and prepare to write your own legend!

Links to each adventure are below and more details can be found there as well. Games will run from 7pm -10pm CST on their appointed nights:

Tuesdays: https://startplaying.games/adventure/clsmhjpvi01hp08jx1pm7e0lu
Wednesdays: https://startplaying.games/adventure/clrc3n32z000008l40f449ayx
Thursdays: Play Pathfinder 2e Online | Pathfinder 2e: Kingmaker (1-20 level campaign)

My DM profile: https://startplaying.games/gm/dominemesis