[LFP] [Free] [WWN] [Thurs 7pm CST] Based on Kevin Crawford's World's Without Number!

Looking for 1-2 solid players experience preferred, but high Charisma accepted as a stand-in.

Just started this game 3 weeks ago, but need a couple more players; have 3 players and 1 DM currently.

Game: WWN
Setting: Unique World of DM’s creation (me)
Rules: mostly WWN, some homebrew will be involved
Ages: Adult only; probably prefer 30+
Content: OFF LIMITS AS FOLLOWS [[explicit torture, sexualism/sexual assault, real-world religion]]
Content: Will certainly include off-color humor, some potty-mouth language, and likely meme-posting
Time Zone: GMT -6 (USA, Central Standard)
Schedule: Weekly if possible, Thurs
Timing: CST - from about 7pm to 10-11pm, give or take 30-60 minutes depends on players
VTT: Foundry/Forge VTT along with Alchemy
Communication: Discord for audio communication; you need a mic - also, an email account

Game Description:

  • currently just got to level 2

  • XP and Renown is doled out to those who are present and playing that night [ergo, not all characters will advance at the same rate, perhaps]

  • Gritty Dying World-esque

  • Magic will be powerful and costly

  • Warriors will dominate battles. And look good doing it.-- “Robert E Howard would be proud”

  • Adventurers will be right at home.-- “Gish’s are welcome here”

  • Experts will be given chances to honest-to-God, flat-out MURDER people.-- “Be the Hobo you were meant to be”

  • Mages. You better bring your A-game, bitches. I’m not joking. You will likely die. x10-- “…but if you can actually level up, it WILL be worth it”

What I Offer:

  • experienced (but not necessarily good) DM - for free!
  • I am still learning WWN/SWN, so caveat emptor
  • cool immersion via Alchemy when possible (thanks Alch!), Midjourney (art)
  • playstyle is “sandbox with hooks”; please note - have you ever played a true sandbox game? make sure to see below - player responsibilities.
  • a fairly even mix of roleplaying, battles, exploration, and possibly of worldbuilding (castle, fiefdom, et al)
  • No, I haven’t watched Critical Role or listened to Tabletop Champions - I’m sorry

What I Expect:

  • for everyone to have fun at no one else’s expense
  • that you are kind
  • that you approach the game as a creative outlet
  • that you can lose MULTIPLE characters to bad rolls, bad choices, and bad luck
  • that you can share the limelight with your fellows
  • that you show up (on time is always a nice bonus)
  • that you engage; REAL sandbox games don’t play well without the following:-- every player is involved in realizing the campaign world-- players can cooperate with each other synergistically to find and complete interesting story lines

That’s it. Thanks for reading. DM me on Discord or answer here if interested.