[LFP] [Free] [Pf2e] Short Campaign: Murder on the OverLondon Express

Murder on the OverLondon Express
Welcome dear cove, to the Reign Agency: Finders of people who don’t want finding, guards of things that need guarding, and retrievers of things that need retrieving.

Our motto: Trust your booty to a Pirate!

This honorable agency was founded by Captain Reign (former Dread Pirate Purple Reign) who decided to change her career from Privateer to Private-ear… at least, ever since the OverLondon tax authority impounded her airship.

And what will you be doing? Why of course you will be guarding a fine shipment of priceless starmetal ingots, and our employer, as they travel from OverLondon to OverParis on the famous OverLondon Express… a flying train, levitated by energized floatstone and powered by an arcane locomotive.

Campaign Theme
There is plenty of scope for RP with an investigation involving thirteen passengers, three convicts and nine train staff. Of course, there are also a few fights :3

The vibe is not overly serious… a fun character is going to have a good time. Edgelord characters will not perform well (if I get that vibe you ain’t joining). Muderhobo’s will be thrown off the train (killing the passengers is not ok)!


  • System: Pathfinder 2e, run in Foundry using a Forge server.
  • Player slots: 4-5
  • Characters Level = 4
  • Game start (in your timezone): 2022-06-26T14:00:00Z
  • Run weekly at the same time. 3-4hrs per session.
  • This adventure runs for 5-8 sessions
  • No homebrew/3rd party/free archetype character stuff
  • Most races and classes are fine.
  • A computer with a web browser that can log into my Foundry server. Clear voice comms (discord). No video.
  • DnD 5e players and new players with no pathfinder experience welcome!

About me
I’m a GM of 25yrs experience watching dice break the laws of probability. I run a comedy podcast (MyFavouiteMonster) where TTRPG monsters are reviewed as pets.

To apply please fill out the google form: https://forms.gle/9K4Qs8QBX7Lp9Pv59