[LFP] [Free] [AD&D] [Beginners Welcome] Continental Affairs

The Dutchy of Nalva, the Upper Reach of the Principality of Maardenberg is the backwater of an economic powerhouse: a source of raw materials and rough folk—grist for the mill of empire. This is a stark land of bucolic fields and windswept moors, of rugged crags and rocky coastline, of hidden glens and fathomless lochs; a mysterious land littered with the ruins of kingdoms, kinfolk, and civilizations long past; an ancient land in a changing world, a hotbed of rebellion and intrigue, a land of opportunity and peril.

Come play some D&D on an early modern continent that never was. AD&D 2E with modified classes from the “A Mighty Fortress” supplement. They’ll be hex crawling, politicking, kin slaying, treasure taking, and story making.

Tuesdays or Wednesdays (TBD) 5:30-8:00ish Pacific Time. Foundry for A/V, character sheets, mapping, and tactical combat, Discord for anything else.

Message for details.

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That sounds interesting, I’ve never played AD&D outside of the two Baldur’s Gate video games. As someone that doesn’t care for 5e or 3e era, I’d love to take a look at this complicated ruleset especially if its beginners welcome.