[LFP] [FREE] [5E] New Angoria Calls Adventurers!

Hail Adventurers!

My campaign world is looking for some fresh blood! We have multiple groups ready to go on a weekly and biweekly basis as well as an ongoing Arena.

I play with 5E rules and a slight bit of homebrew. I allow all source materials provided by WoTC, and work with you for a truly special experience. I prioritize Roleplay first, but have plenty of combat, traps, puzzles, and social encounters.

If interested, please reply or reach out to me directly!!

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Hello, I would love to join.

Hi, I’m interested in joining.

HI im new to the forge but i love playing and would love to join :slight_smile:

Hey would love to join your arena my discord is yungandgreat#0256

hello! I’d love to join! :smile:

hi. what timezone are you guys from? I’m an EU player looking for games.

Hi, I am interested (CET Timezone).

Please dm me on discord: .vampiro