[LFP] [FOUNDRYVTT] [PAID 10€] Mutants And Masterminds 3e

Mutants And Masterminds 3e [10€ Per Session]


Hello all, I’m Sieno and I’m offering you the possibility to live out your Super Hero fantasy on the most powerful VTT platform in the world, so I invite you to play Mutants And Masterminds. This system will allow you to create any type of hero you want : From Superman, Batman, Homelander, Captain America or even Goku. I will offer players a heroic campaign that will focus on a linear story (beginning - middle - End), you will get the chance to explore a city, battle powerful foes, save citizens and do so much more.


This is the point where I offer the players some variety. Players will be able to choose between those four settings:

  1. Hero High, the players would be heroes that are still in high school, like spiderman
  2. DC Universe, players would be part of the DC Universe.
  3. The Boys, the players will be part of the boys world (the tv show not the comic)
  4. The regular MnM world

The players will choose the setting in the session 0


We will be using Foundry to run the game, now it doesnt have dedicated system for the game, but there is a system that allows for a MnM sheet. It allows to Manually create a character, if you own Herolab you can import your character (it is in beta). Beyond that Foundry is the most robust VTT that allows me give you all a nice and relaxing experience. I can add day and night cycles, animations bound to macros, weather effects, ambient sounds, each player can have a hype track during combat and I can automate map transitions. It has many more features that will be discussed during session 0.

If you have any other questions, don’t be a stranger and send me a message on discord : Sieno#4268


  • 18+

  • Discord

  • Decent PC, Mic and Connection

  • To be a decent human being

System: MnM 3e

Spots Left: 3

Adult Content: Yes

Schedule: Fridays 6:30 PM UTC+2

Books: I will share all necessary materials

Paid: Yes, 10€ per session via paypal

Session 0: Is free