LFP for a long term Campaign (5e) Tuesdays 7pm EST

Looking for players for a new campaign starting the first Tuesday of January, after the holidays. This will be a long campaign starting at level 1 and going up to as high as level 20. This will be streamed so good audio/visual is needed, an absolute commitment to being available on Tuesdays, and an enthusiasm for social interaction as well as combat and exploration. Please reach out to me on Discord TavernHarriers#5313

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I sent a Discord Friend Request to ask a few more questions.

Hi, sent a Discord invite too! Sounds like a fun mix of game style for me.
To clarify, did you mean a monthly game on the first Tuesday, or an every Tuesday game?
AL rules (PHB+1) or something different?
Any class or race restrictions?
Homebrew, Forgotten Realms, Mystara, Greyhawk, or a 3rd Party setting?