[LFP][Fabula Ultima][Paid] Tales of Aetheria - Multiple Timeslots - Fridays or Sundays or (TBD)

Drawing inspiration from some of my favorite JRPGs including; The Legend of Dragon, The Tales series, Star Ocean series, and more. I have put together a loose idea for a campaign revolving around a group of heroes who become Reborn. They seem fine and remember who they were and their values… though the finer details of their lives and the people they knew in them have vanished. Almost as if some magical force has locked parts of their minds away from them… now they must navigate a world on the brink of calamity while trying to remember who they were.

This game runs using Foundry VTT, Discord for Voice, and Fabula Ultima for the system. It is designed around player involvement in some light world building and an active roll in how their story and the story of the campaign plays out. I typically run for about 3-4 hours but am not opposed to running longer or shorter (as low as 2 hours) depending on the parties needs.

A quick run down for Fabula Ultima for those not in the know: The system is created by an Italian Game designer known as Emanuele Galletto alongside the Need Games publisher. It is meant to be a TTRPG version of old school JRPGs such as Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and others. It encourages a little more hands on approach from Players and DMthrough the use of Fabula and Ultima points. These points are effectively fate tokens, you can call on them for more than simple rerolls as their true intent is to hijack the story and change the course of the game. More on this system will be explained in the Session 1 to set guidelines, ground rules, and such.

Character creation is quite simple. You begin play at Level 5, you then gain 5 point to put into two or three classes. There are 15 core classes in the game which you can mix and match to build your perfect character. Overtime you can add more classes (up to 4) all having a wide range of skills for you to call on in game.

Where the ‘hard’ part comes in, is session zero and the World Building. You as a player will not only build your character but you will help create any organizations they worked with/for/against. You will help shape the region your character comes from and even can create unique races that yourself, others, and NPCs can become. There are a handful of presets which much exist but outside of that the world is for the players and myself to shape (within the limited scope of the session zero), and then expand upon in the following sessions.

This isn’t just a fantasy world, this is your fantasy world!I have some more information over on the Start Playing pages, there you can go over that aswell as book the game if you so desire.

Friday 7pm Game: Play Fabula Ultima Online | Fabula Ultima - Tales of Aetheria - Collaborative Storytelling!
Sunday 7pm Game: Play Fabula Ultima Online | Fabula Ultima - Tales of Aetheria - Collaborative Storytelling!
These are the two slots I have set up prior but if you have a group and these times don’t fit with your schedule I am free to talk about setting up a time that does. Currently my Saturdays and Earlier in the day on Sundays are booked but I am free most other days to see when we can find an available timeslot.

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If you have any other questions feel free to reach out here or on Start Playing! I will respond as soon as I am able!

Have a wonderful day!