[LFP] Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun [5e][Mondays][Americas]

Players wanted for grim dark game

**Game System: ** dnd5e

When do you play:
Monday nights at 6:00 pm PDT. Sessions will be 3 hours long. Session 0 is on March 7th

Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Fables: Citadel of the Unseen Sun

Join us as we enter the world of Etharis. Your group has taken a commission to retrieve an artifact from a long-forgotten vestibule in the forsaken land of Ostoya. Characters will find themselves in a grim world where the sky is covered in magical perpetual clouds obscuring the sun. Undead are a common sight and the land is rules by a vampiric aristocracy!

Additional Details:
The game will be played on Forge-hosted FoundryVTT with Discord for voice. As a former Roll20 DM this will be my first foray into Foundry. We will be using additional rules from the Grim Hollow setting including optional player races, backgrounds, sub classes and transformations! For more information on this setting see the videos at the following link:

The setting is bleak and not for everyone. If you are up for it let me know and we can discuss further.

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I would like to participate and I am ok with the day and time however I am from Brazil I understand well but I might need that people speak a bit slow If you will have me I would be delighted to brave Etharis with you

You are welcome as long as the time is not an issue (6:00 PM Pacific time). I will send more info as I get more folks signing up

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IS there anything you are barring? Do we have to play what Grim hollow provides or can normal 5e races allowed as well?

The races will be the races in Etharis which are basically the grim hollow advanced races and most races in the PHB with the exception of Tieflings.

Im in… I can make a basic character with that. are you allowing other suppliments like Xanther’s Guide to everything… i got a Celestial Warlock I’d like to play read to go save for some leveling down

Any official subclasses are welcome. I’ll send you the discord link

Hi! I’m interested, It would fit slightly better if it’s one hour earlier but 6PM works perfectly for me.
Here’s my discord tag kukinis#9399 and as a note, English is my second language but I manage quite well
I have DM and player experience with foundry in case you need guidance :wink:

Hi! If you are still looking for players I am highly interested in this setting and game. This is discord tag
¯_(ツ)_/¯#5994. The time works for me, too.