[LFP][F2P][Thursdays 6pm Pacific] Forbidden Lands: Beyond the Iron Lock

When the demons roamed and the Blood Mist rose, trapping the people of Ravensland inside their homes every night, the king of Alderland constructed the Iron Lock, a massive iron gate that separated the southern kingdom of Alderland from the Ravensland. But the Blood Mist has seemingly lifted after three hundred years, allowing people to roam the Ravensland once again- Adventurers. Treasure hunters. Scoundrels. Not heroes, far from it, but men and women who dare travel the land as they choose and make their own mark on it, unbound by any fate or story set for them. They hunt for ancient treasures, they fight whoever gets in their way, they build a new world for themselves on the ruins of the old. They are the raiders of the Forbidden Lands.

Looking for TWO for Thursday, no experience with the system or setting necessary! A word of warning, this game is not for everybody- Forbidden Lands is a gritty survival sandbox- travelling from place to place takes up a lot of the game’s time. Characters aren’t highly skilled and trained great heroes taking on world saving quests, but more normal, average people with the drive to strike out into the unknown seeking adventure. The game isn’t focused on high octane action, and a slower pace should be expected- and combat can be quick and brutal, death always potentially around the corner. And while magic exists and is quite powerful, it’s rare and possibly dangerous to the user.

Please be at least 18+, have a decent mic, and be an active player- Forbidden Lands doesn’t play well with players who prefer to sit back and have the gm yank them around from place to place and plot point to plot point. If you have any questions or are interested send me a message! (We will be using Discord for Voice Chat)

Hi, @wheelie, Im looking for a game around the same time. I’ve read the details and some character concept in mind but If you want to chat, so i can get a better idea of the party comp, that would great. Discord = willbenegfill

sweet, sent you a friend request