[LFP][DND5e][Friday][15$/Session] Looking for one last player!

Welcome to Eados, a continent set in the far west, were an everlasting war has been taking place between the Legionnaires and The Fallen. Evil has swept the land, mostly due to a phenomenon of humans spawning known as Hellborn. Not alot is known about the Hellborn, other than they seem to be inherently evil. The most infamous one, and the leader of The Fallen, is Mad Jack.

Mad Jack’s Hellborn power is a heated debate and a mystery among both sides, since he has shown feats of incredible power. Due to this, he has been ever successful in conquering areas and armies of the Legionnaires with ease.

Due to desperate situations, the Legionnaires have been desperately looking for manpower in order to hold out and try and find a way to turn the tides on this ever dire situation.

Will you rise to the occasion and help the Legionnaires? or will you succumb to darkness and join The Fallen?

Hello there! Thank you for showing interest in my campaign! My name is Ace and I’ve been DMing for about 9 years now, all of which has been homebrewed settings! This campaign is just is one of my many polished settings over the years, and now would like to offer it to you!

The first month, or first 4, sessions are completely free! To help gauge if my DM style is a good fit for you, and if it’s not, then you are absolutely free to drop out before you pay a single cent!
Since these are homebrewed settings, I do allow homebrew with approval! There are even some that I have created myself that is 100% allowed!

Our session 0 is starting on the 10th, don’t miss out!

This campaign starts off at level 1, and the character creation will be done with point array. So far there are 4/5 slots filled.
Each session will be starting on Fridays 7pm CST, and run for about 3-5 hours.