LFP, DND5E, Crown of the Oathbreaker (official), Paid (15$)

We are looking for 1 player to join our party and play this campaign together with us. Time of the session as shown here 2023-08-14T00:00:00Z and we will be playing weekly.
Payment via PayPal (weekly or monthly), second session is free (first fee of 15$ covers for both first and second session after that you decide how you wanna pay).

About Me.

My name is Paul, 42yo. I have over 20 years of experience in RPG (mainly DMing) and 2 years on this platform. I am running official and homebrew content on Roll20 for mature players. My sessions are predominantly paid and I am doing my best to maintain them professional (but also funny, after all these are meant to be games). I keep my prices at reasonable level of 15$/session.

What you do and don’t pay for.

You pay for:

My time. It takes a while to prepare a session and even when you are using official publications most of the time maps will still require a lot of DM’s polishing. Session itself also require 100% of my attention and I give it. Together those things consume significant amount of time every week, making me less capable in daily activities and work. By supporting me, you ease the burden of sustaining my needs and allow me to focus more and more on making “a good time” for you and other members of your party.
Responsibility. More often than not free games fall apart. There are multiple reasons to that but from my own experience nmbr 1 is lack of responsibility and dedication both on side of DM and players. Providing tip to DM creates an atmosphere of mutual responsibility, where game is no longer just a game but also commitment and “trade good”. It automatically sets much more mature approach from both sides of the deal. You have the right to expect from me and other members for what you have paid for and me and other members of the party have the right to expect the same from you.
Small group. Being a part of big group may sound like a great idea but when it comes to time management it quickly becomes a huge problem. Session can only last as much (usually around 4 hours) and having more than 5 players in the party significantly cuts the amount of time that each individual member has for his/her interactions. Another problem in bigger group is that more charismatic players can take over the stage and push less “frontline” oriented to the margin. Since my games almost never cater more than 5 players you will never experience these problems here.

You don’t pay for:

Unfair treatment. Paying does not mean that you can expect something extra in return (additional features, secret powers, extra magic items etc.).
Access to homebrew content. I run my games based on official books and don’t use UA and specially homebrewed assets at all. It doesn’t mean that I go dot to dot with textbooks (I absolutely do not) but you can’t expect to have access to these materials only because the session is paid. Unbalanced content is a game killer.
BS (both mine and yours) so be respectful and expect no less.

I am interested in joining your game, what do I do?

I am very happy to see that! I really am, believe me and I thank you for appreciating my content. Send me a private message with your discord ID and quick introduction, including your age, experience with system and foundry, character concept and discord id. I will reply as soon as I can so stay tuned :wink:

Thank you for reading and stay with my Best Regards!