[LFP] [DnD 5e] [Paid $15 USD] [Saturdays] [Homebrew Setting] World of Ode

The Word of Ode

Hello! I am Travis Lock, a professional DM. I have been running dnd 5e for about 3 years. I am starting up two new games for my homebrew setting Ode. Ode has an overarching story being told across campaigns, with campaigns impacting the world as a whole. The setting is completely homebrew with a unique pantheon of gods, custom warlock patrons, a variety of nations that replace the backgrounds of 5e, and more.

About The DM:

As mentioned I have been running games for a little over 3 years. I love high fantasy and run a decent amount of homebrew. I enjoy powerful characters with action based combat. What does that mean? Player power level tends to be higher than average but combats tend to be more difficult with more complex abilities than just higher hit points. I have 2 active games going at the moment and am starting up two more.

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
Price: $15 a session (Over Paypal. Session 0 is free)
Age Requirement: 18+
All skill levels welcome
Seats available: Pirate Lords Legacy (3 seats) /// Festival of Fear (1 seats)
Required Platforms: Foundry and Discord
Session Duration: 3-4 hours (usually 3 hours)
Schedule: Pirate Lords Legacy (Saturday at 1pm EST) /// Festival of Fear (Saturday at 8am EST)
Style: Voice (discord), Tokens and maps (Foundry), No Video

About the Games

Pirate Lords Legacy: (Level 3, with accelerated 5) Captain Archival Delorosa is looking for brave privateers to aid in an expedition. His crew have found a clue to where the Obsidian Lords treasure may yet lie. However, the waters are treacherous, and the isles many, his crew needs help searching and muscle to fend off the threats they may encounter. He gives a promise of wealth and prestige should they find the treasure. Should the treasure not be found, he is not short on gold, and will make your effort worth it. What secrets lie for the party in this mysterious isle that has evaded detection until now?
This game is inspired by works and games such as Assassins Creed Black Flag, Pirates of the Caribbean, One Piece, ect…

Festival of Fear: (level 5) Every few years an event occurs where variant monsters that are stronger than normal start to appear. This is called the festival of fear. While it is a dangerous time for trade and travel, it is a great chance for hunters to earn profits and obtain rare materials. During this time a great festival and competition is held within Oasis. Hunters compete to hunt the toughest prey. Craftsmen compete to forge the best gear. Scholars gather to study the phenomenon
The party will be a group working together for their own reasons, to track and hunt monsters during this festival.
This game is inspired by the Monster Hunter series.

A player first DM, you as a new player will experience a world where your interactions matter. Of course you will be playing on foundry, which allows for our DM to create unique attributes and individuality to your characters. Boss fights are exhilarating! With each boss having their own special traits and difficulty scaling system, which allows for you to know what you are getting into without taking the enjoyment of the fight away. If you ever played Final Fantasy or any other quality RPG you will find the same tier of quality in these boss fights! You will see their love and care for each individual at their table as well as across all their efforts for each campaign! Hope to see some of you around!

I’ve been playing for Travis for a long time and I highly recommend his games. He is very player-focused and truly puts his heart into his games. His world is heavily homebrew and he caters his homebrew towards his players. He will work with you if you want to follow a concept. He also has no railroading in his games and you, as the party, influence how the story goes.