[LFP] Dawn of Heroes [Free]

Type of game

Dawn of Heroes is a non linear medieval / oriental LOW FANTASY shared game space where you choose the story for your character, make friends with the other players or go at it solo with some NPCs. Be good, evil or anything in between just know that your actions can have consequences for you and the other players not in your group based off of everyone’s actions.

The game can have a slower-pace to combat, not a dungeon crawler.

The game can be played both by post (discord) as well as scheduled game sessions.

About the game world

Life in the world is simple, and the vast majority of ordinary people avoid traveling because of the hazards.

Witchcraft (magic) is a rarity and is illegal, and anyone accused of practicing it is quickly investigated given a fair trial (sarcasm) and escorted to the gallows.

The basic story so far

The war for the eastern wilds has ended and the land is now claimed by the Hyjin Empire, the once wild lands (unclaimed land) starts anew under the new rulers. Many fled the land during the war to avoid being under the rule of “Civilized” leadership, man fled to the neighboring region to the village of “Veingroth” this is where your commoners tale begins.

**Slots Available: 3 - 8 **

  • System Used: Home-brew System (Custom)
  • Style: Play by post / Scheduled sessions
  • Session Duration: When Scheduled up to 3+ hrs
  • Schedule times:** Open


  • 18 + M for mature, no topic is off limits.
  • Discord, decent Mic, Camera is optional.