[LFP][Cypher System] Learn to play Cypher System, two One off games!

1. One shot game name

2. How Much?

3. Where?
Discord Voice (<#879547551529979914>) & FoundryVTT on Forge (contact on Discord <@Fashtas#5092>)

4. System & Setting
Cypher System
What is Cypher System? What Is the Cypher System? | Cypher System

5. Space?
4? More! Up to 6!

6. When?
Wednesday Evenings AEST, 19h30 (7:30pm)
Two Games, 2022-03-23T08:30:00Z and 2022-03-30T08:30:00Z

7. Rules
Be friendly. Be kind. Be social. Be wanting to learn Cypher System

8. Synopsis
I’ll be running two stand alone “Introduction to Cypher System” games for people who want to learn! No experience necessary, in fact no experience is desired else you may get bored!

Some basic characters will be provided (you can choose from a few I have pre-made, no need to roll up something that may only live for20 minutes) and we’ll be exploring the HIGH DRAMA world of Office Work!

Be an IT Technician, explore the tawdry world of the Janitor or experience the damage of near fatal paper cuts as an Office Clerk while we learn about rolling 20 sided dice and the joy of Might, Speed and Intellect pools!

(Disclaimer: Office may experience some explosions, minor gunfire and small amounts of death)