[LFP][Cypher System] AEST - The Collectors, explore the universe one portal at a time

1. Game Name

“The Collectors”

2. How Much?


3. Where?

Discord Voice (<#879547551529979914>) & FoundryVTT on Forge (contact on Discord <@Fashtas#5092>)

4. System & Setting

Cypher System

What is Cypher System?

5. Space?

I’d like 1 or 2 more at least!

6. When?


7. Rules

Be friendly. Be kind. Be social. Be happy to play Cypher System

8. Synopsis

Home: The Fall

Every night the sky tears itself open, wet grey portals, the eyes of god in the sky.

Debris from some remote world pours down, hour after hour, forming mountains of wreaked metal and crumbling buildings. It may have been rubbish to them (for why else could it be) but it is the life blood of your people.

Daylight sees your people swarm over the fresh refuse, searching for anything useful that will let them eke out one more day in this desolate wasteland.

This was not the life for you though, these scavengers, the people of the mountain, these Rubbishmin.

For you it was always the life of a Collector. Those few who were registered, licensed, brave enough, or desperate enough to enter the other, smaller portals, leading to unknown or even unknowable worlds.

A collector could enter a portal and return with a life-times worth of wealth. Or with nothing. Or perhaps not return at all.

I am happy to teach Cypher to new players so no prior knowledge is necessary. Note this game takes place on the ruins of a previous campaign to explore what happened after our players left!

You can contact me on Discord, handle <@Fashtas#5092> or here.

Got 4 now with a possible 2 more returning when time clears up so game is full for the moment. Have fun everyone!