[LFP][Cyberpunk RED][LGBTQ+][Neurodivergent] Tales of the RED Campaign

LENGTH of GAME: Campaign Weekly - Saturdays (Starting May 27th)
DAY AND TIME w/ TIME ZONE: Saturdays 1 -4 ET (Montreal) [GMT-4]
PLATFORM: Foundry VTT (self-hosted) with Livekit


COST: $20
GAME DESCRIPTION and ADDITIONAL NOTES:** I’ll be running all nine adventures from Tales of the RED!

Session 0 is free. Beginner and LGBTQ+ friendly

“Night City is a big place, full of wild parties, dead bodies, and neon lights. Beneath the thin layer of advertising and grime, it’s got some tales to tell. Stories of vicious gangs, hellbent artificial intelligence, and love. You’ll get to meet suave mercenaries and movie stars, and even take a ride in a submarine. You’ll fight cyberpsychos, dirty reporters, rival Edgerunners, and a high-flying assault team.
The city is voracious. It needs more bodies to chew on, and you’ll supply them —one way or another. Semingly simple jobs spiral wildly out of control, and herculean tasks can be solved with a single bullet. It’s your city. It hates you. It loves you. And you can’t help but feel the same. There’s adventure to be had here, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ve gotta experience it, choomba.”

Other Notes: Play Cyberpunk Red Online | Get Eddies or die trying! - Tales of the RED | Beginner and 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ friendly!