LFP Curse of Strahd ($20/session) Tuesday 6 pm EST

Hey I’m Milo (he/they) I’m a professional DM, and I am looking for 4-6 players for a Curse of Strahd campaign. This would be on Tuesday at 6 pm EST to 10 pm EST. This is a paid game and costs $20/session via Start Playing. As a professional DM, I put a lot of time and money into this to ensure that my games are as fun as possible for my players. We always start with a session 0 where we go over your character’s arch, triggers of the player, rules, etc. Session 0 is always free.

Game Details:
You are a group of adventurers who have stumbled upon the domain of Barovia, a foggy, gloomy, awful place. Now trapped, your only means of escape is to kill Strahd, but is that even possible? The infamous vampire has killed many adventuring groups just like yours. This land plagued with wolves, undead, and hags, you have little choice now. You will now have to travel across this deadly plane seeking artifacts to help your quest and gain the upper hand against Strahd. Will you succeed or will you fall like so many before you?

Character Creation:
We will begin at level 1 and be leveling up to level 10 over the course of the adventure. You will create a level 1 character in D&D beyond, any race or class allowed (homebrew allowed with permission). If you send a summary of your backstory before session 1, you can start out with either a feat or an uncommon magic item (approved by me). We will also have a session 0 to help with backstory, tying characters together, setting up character sheets, and a quick rundown of Foundry.

Content Warnings:
religious extremism/cults, manipulation, general gothic horror themes, gore, stalking and harassment, trying to turn an unwilling person into a vampire, and spiders.


  • headphones (necessary to stop feedback during gameplay)
  • mic
  • a decent computer
  • a D&D beyond, forge, and discord account (all free to make)

If you are interested, please message me either here or preferably on Discord at Sunflower Boy Milo#2632

Still looking for 2 players