[LFP] [City of Mist] [Fri or Sat CST] [Free] [LGBT+ Friendly] [Long-Term Campaign] Welcome to The City

:crossed_swords: Game System: City of Mist

:calendar: When do you play: Fridays or Saturdays, time is based on player availability so it may change a little depending on whether the other player’s schedules are fixed or not. My timezone is CST. The game will be weekly or biweekly depending on player preference.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game (from the CoM website): City of Mist is a TTRPG set in a modern city where legends are real people. Heroes, tricksters, and monsters are reborn inside ordinary people, regular Joes and Janes, who gain supernatural powers connected to their legendary alter-egos.

The mystical veil of the Mist hides these miraculous powers from the other, sleepwalking residents of the City. It makes armor look like a flak vest and fire breathing like a cheap party trick or a gas leak explosion, so no-one ever knows about the legendary. Modern-day legends exploit this to run secret lives and insidious organizations behind the veil of the Mist.

:memo: Aditional Details: I’m Ollie, a new MC (though I have GMed for other systems) wanting to start a long-term CoM campaign that will be a mix of cases from the books (I wanna run Nights of Payne town) and my own cases. Currently, there’s myself and one other player, so I’m looking for 3 more.

A little about me and what to expect from the game: I’m LGBT+ friendly, and will respect people’s boundaries and triggers. I like to create a setting that feels alive, so if you end up joining I’ll probably ask some questions so your character will have NPCs they know already built into the setting. I like to tailor themes, plot threads, etc to the characters, so that everyone has the chance to explore their character in fun and interesting ways. Honestly, I’m pretty chill and good with rolling with the unexpected.

I offer the opportunity for short 1:1 sessions, if there’s something you wanna do outside the main cases or with a side character, and will have forums in the game’s discord for written (sfw) RP/PBP stuff as needed or desired.

**Where we will be playing: **On Forge/Foundry. Voice/Mic is required, but Video is optional (I use mine because I talk with my hands and get into the RP).

If you’re interested, I’ve got a google form here: https://forms.gle/jEo5pWZu7FvSTZt4A Feel free to reach out by DM if you have any questions for me.

Thank you!