[LFP] Candlekeep Mysteries One-Shot (FREE) (2 Slots Open) [Sunday July 11th 2021, ~9:15 pm EST US/~6:15 pm PST US]

[LFP] Candlekeep Mysteries One-Shot (FREE) (2 Slots Open)

:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D 5e

:calendar: When do you play: Sunday July 11th 2021, ~9:15 pm EST US/~6:15 pm PST US

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: A powerful wizard has promised to fulfill your greatest desire, in exchange for your service completing various adventures. This particular mission will take you to Candlekeep, the renowned information depository for a simple fetch quest. Should be no trouble at all…

:memo: Additional Details:

• Safety: All games are rated Mature (18+). X-Card is in play. Please contact DM with any Lines or Veils.

• Session Length: 3-4 Hours.

• Communication: Voice & Video Chat through Discord.

• Platform: FoundryVTT through The Forge (forge-vtt.com ). Character created on DnDBeyond.

• Stats: Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).

• PC Level: 4. Feats are enabled.

• Races: If it’s in an official WotC D&D sourcebook, a UA, or a Plane Shift, I’ll allow it.

• Classes: Official WotC D&D sourcebook, Blood Hunter, Gunslinger, The 3 Legends of Runeterra subclasses, Way of the Cobalt Soul Monk, Oath of the Open Ocean Paladin, or UA Classes.

• Backgrounds: Allowed Backgrounds: Official WotC D&D sourcebook only. No custom Backgrounds. Starting equipment will be from the background, not coin spending.

:smiley: About the DM: Greetings, I am Dread the DM, Pronouns: He, Him, His. I’m a Thirty- UnintelligibleGrumble year old Person of Color, LGBTQ+ ally, and all-purpose Nerd. I’m big on Comics, video games, and Tabletop Gaming of course. I have been running a wonderful long term weekly campaign for several months now, but when a player can’t make it I relish trying out small adventures, and meeting new Nerds. My biggest D&D influences are Dimension 20, NADDPod, and those two D&D episodes of Community.

If you’re still interested in joining this game contact me via message and I can pass you all of the details. If you would like a small teaser of nonsense encountered please check this clip: https://youtu.be/PDGLIGl4qMQ

Thank you for your consideration.

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Game has filled up! thanks for looking!

Hey I know I missed this game but I would really love to join in on a game if you are running another. I’m a long time player and DM but I really want to play using Foundry. I currently run games with Fantasy Grounds and Zoom, but really want to convert to Foundry.

Next time I run a One Shot you can totally join. I’m not sure when that will be, but keep an eye out for LFP posts.

And you’re making the right call trying to switch to FoundryVTT. It’s just the best.