[LFP] Candlekeep Mysteries One-Shot (FREE) (1 Slot Open)

[LFP] Candlekeep Mysteries One-Shot (FREE) (1 Slot Open)

:crossed_swords: Game System: D&D 5e

:calendar: When do you play: Sunday April 4th 2021, 9pm EST US/6pm PST US

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise: A powerful wizard has promised to fulfill your greatest desire, in exchange for your service completing various adventures. This particular mission will take you to Candlekeep, the renowned information depository for a simple fetch quest. Should be no trouble at all…

:memo: Additional Details:

• Safety: All games are rated Mature (18+). X-Card is in play. Please contact DM with any Lines or Veils.

• Session Length: 3-4 Hours.

• Communication: Voice & Video Chat through Discord.

• Platform: FoundryVTT through The Forge (forge-vtt.com). Character created on DnDBeyond.

• Stats: Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).

• PC Level: 4. Feats are enabled.

• Races: If it’s in an official WotC D&D sourcebook, a UA, or a Plane Shift, I’ll allow it.

• Classes: Official WotC D&D sourcebook, Blood Hunter, Gunslinger, The 3 Legends of Runeterra subclasses, Way of the Cobalt Soul Monk, Oath of the Open Ocean Paladin, or UA Classes.

• Backgrounds: Allowed Backgrounds: Official WotC D&D sourcebook only. No custom Backgrounds. Starting equipment will be from the background, not coin spending.

:smiley: About the DM: Greetings, I am Dread the DM, Pronouns: He, Him, His. I’m a Thirty-UnintelligibleGrumble year old Person of Color, LGBTQ+ ally, and all-purpose Nerd. I’m big on Comics, video games, and Tabletop Gaming of course. I am a relatively Novice 5e DM, and though I have been running a decent long term weekly campaign for a couple months now, I will always appreciate more practice. My biggest D&D influences are Dimension 20, NADDPod, and those two D&D episodes of Community.

If you’re still interested in joining this game contact me via message and I can pass you all of the details. If you would like a small teaser of nonsense encountered please check this clip: https://youtu.be/PDGLIGl4qMQ

Thank you for your consideration.

Please accept this humble player within your midst!
I’m very interested in Candlekeep Mysteries and I want to DM it myself to a group of friends (i.e: the Forge team), but I’d love to be able to play a one shot of one of the adventures before I even start reading the book. I haven’t read anything, so 100% spoiler free (other than basically the premise of “there’s a library with books that have adventures, maybe related to magical items”)

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Thank you for your interest! Hey wait…aren’t you the guy who, like, runs all of this? As intimidating as it may be to have someone of your prestige in a game, we would still love to have you join us. I will gladly pass you further details shortly.

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Thank you to everyone who showed interest in joining this game. All the slots have filled for tonight, but look out for future postings!

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