[LFP] [Candela Obscura] [Paid] [Online] [$25 session (one early bird place left at $12.50] [Open to all levels] [Thursdays at 19:00-22:00 EST][One Shot][Dressed to Kill] [I am an Aspiring Voice and imrpov actor. Lots of roleplay!]

About the adventure

Attention, aspiring investigators! :mag_right: Are you ready to delve into the mysteries of the unknown and confront occult horrors that threaten our world? Join the enigmatic Candela Obscura secret society, and become a guardian of the arcane secrets that lurk in the shadows.

Introducing Candela Obscura, the amazing tabletop roleplaying experience brought to you by the folks over at Darrington Press and Critical Roll. Immerse yourself in a world of gothic horror as you take on the roles of talented individuals, united by their membership in the clandestine organization, Candela Obscura. Your mission? Unravel the enigmas of strange phenomena and face off against perilous magics, all while combating a sinister force that seeks to corrupt and taint our reality. :ghost:

Candela Obscura pioneers the use of the Illuminated Worlds System. This innovative gaming system relies on standard 6-sided dice and encourages immersive storytelling and character-driven narratives.

:mag_right: The assignment:

This tale starts at the Newfaire World Exhibition, where an unforgettable spectacle awaits. A woman graces the stage, donned in a dress of unprecedented, otherworldly hues. But as the enthralled audience watches in awe, the unimaginable occurs - leaving the watching crowds in shock and horror. This is the mystery that beckons Candela Obscura, the secretive organization with a relentless thirst for truth.

Immerse yourself in a world where themes of exploitative capitalism, the eternal battle of community against corruption, the desolation of nature, the peril lurking beneath the surface, and the relentless march of industrialism collide. Picture an atmosphere dominated by colossal machinery, a sea of electric lights, ingenious inventors and wealthy capitalists, a diverse congregation hailing from every corner of the globe, a haunting, eerie green luminescence, striking poverty, disfigured bodies, and otherworldly cries that pierce the night.

But beware, for there is an adversary, a dark force lurking in the shadows. The Radiance Corporation, an exploitative giant, is up to something sinister in the Bridleborne Mountains. Are you ready to confront this malevolent entity and unveil the secrets it holds?

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