LFP: Blackpowder-fantasy, meets Cthulu (meets Pratchett)

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e

When: Evenings, TBC, between about 7-10ish (GMT), one weeknight (Mon-Thurs) per fortnight to be agreed with group (I work and can’t GM every week).

Do you find DnD 5e a bit too ‘Marvel Avengers does swords and sorcery’? Hanker after something a bit grittier, a bit smarter – but still with a healthy dose of fun and humour?

I’m looking for up to four players to join me for a homebrew Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e campaign, The Dance of the Nineteen Ravens.

Think low fantasy, with a grimdark twist and enough humour to prevent a descent into pretention. Magic and monsters are certainly very real but generally terrifying and thankfully beyond the daily experience of most people. Experienced ‘adventurers’ are recognisable more by their PTSD and missing limbs than their shiny armour and magic items. No one sells ‘healing potions’ at the market (well, maybe some do because you know what they say about a fool and their money …).

I try and combine a healthy amount of storytelling and collective worldbuilding with some sleuthing / puzzles and combat that is tactical and memorable rather than just roll-to-hit-rinse-and-repeat. Sometimes I even manage to do so.

Fairly family friendly when it comes to sexual themes (because, just no) but other themes may be more mature. As a GM, I insist on an inclusive, welcoming and friendly atmosphere… racism, sexism, homophobia or bullying will be treated like the stinking marks of befouled corruption that they are.

I haven’t played any WFRP since 1st edition but recently picked up the new version and it looks good. I’ve been playing RPGs for a longtime though haven’t GM’d anything for a couple of years.

If it sounds interesting, drop me a line and once we’ve got a group together we can take it from there.


Additional Details:

  • Will keep the VTT sorcery fairly light, including automations (remember when we used to actually roll dice and mark things on our character sheets?). You may even want a pencil and some paper, gasp
  • You will benefit from having the WFRP core rulebook but it won’t be necessary
  • I will set up a Discord server when we’re good to go (voice only) unless someone in the group already has one
  • We’ll use Google Docs / OneNote or similar for campaign notes, as group prefers

Salut Tom,

sounds interesting, especially since I am also a Warhammer 1ed veteran. Would prefer 2ed to 4ed but am happy with both. As long as the focus is on story telling and less on dice rolling and combat I am keen to play.


I would love to give this a go. I am done with 5e. And really want a Gritty Campaign. I have the Warhammer book but have never played it. So that would be epic.38, Long time gamer, and i could fill in as a part-time DM for 5e as I know that system.

Hello, are you still looking for players? I prefer more RP focused games with a sense of danger and realism to more hack and slash style games. I have not played the Warhammer fantasy roleplay but I have played the 40k ones which I believe is similar.

Still looking for players?? Cheers Davo

If you still have room for a player:

I’ve been GMing WFRP 4th edition for almost 2 years and would try to experience it as a player.

I’m located in GMT + 2 (Denmark), but I’m fine with +- two timezones. I can only play evenings. A session every second or third week would fit perfect for me.

I am a fun loving guy who loves joking, but enjoy the serious, detective and horror-themed plotlines at the same time. I always value RP higher, in the characters I create, than combat- punch.

Best regards,


And I’m 34 years of age and own the rulebook.